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Collection of Little Golden Book Party Ideas

A Little Golden Book Party

A Little Golden Book Party is a great theme for a storybook baby shower or birthday bash. There are so many cute ideas for decorating. Here are just a few creative ways to help make your Little Golden Book Party more memorable. Although this theme is great for a birthday of any age, it’s terrific for a first birthday party (the golden birthday).

Little Golden Book Invitations

Before you can have your Little Golden Book Party, you definitely need the invites! I have a huge variety of one-sided and two-sided invitations to match any occasion. Check them all out here. Below are a few examples. Click on any of the images below to purchase one now.

This invitation comes with free thank you notes and labels.
bambi invitation
A Bambi Baby Shower Invitation!


disney invitation
A more modern style with Disney characters!
Pokey Little Puppy Invitation
Who doesn’t love the Pokey Little Puppy! Click the image to shop for this invitation now.
little golden books
A slight variation to the invitation above.
little golden books cover
Click this image to get an invitation using any Little Golden Books cover you can dream up!
diaper raffle tickets
If you’re having a Little Golden Book baby shower, here are some adorable diaper raffle tickets. It’s an instant download via Etsy. Just click the image to download them now!

The Decorations

There are so many different ways to decorate using Little Golden Book pages.


little golden book table setting
A table setting idea from
little golden book cupcake toppers
Little Golden Book Cupcake Toppers. Click to purchase this instant download now.
An instant download via Etsy – a Little Golden Books Happy Birthday Banner!

A Little Golden Books wreath. Adorable!
Pokey Little Puppy Banner
Little Golden Books Cake

Party Favors

Give away things like bubbles, water bottles, and Little Golden Books themselves.


Little Golden Book Party Favors
Party favors! Courtesy of


water bottle labels
Printable Happy Birthday Water Bottle Labels
spinwheel favors
Spinwheel Favors
treat bags
Little Golden Book Treat Bags



Below are a few more articles on Little Golden Book parties from other blogs.



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Pokémon Go Cards and Announcements

I didn’t think I’d fall into this world of Pokémon Go. Right now, I need to get to one of those big blue things to get more Pokeballs. I’m all out. In case you don’t know how (which I doubt), here’s how to get more Pokeballs.  I’ve found that if you drive around a hospital parking lot at night heading toward a Pokestop, the hospital security guards will start following you around like a terrorist. I drove into a park at about ten o’clock at night and there must have been 10-12 cars there with the occupants roaming outside their vehicles, phones in hand, chasing invisible creatures. When you think about it, it’s really very bizarre. I do agree with most, however, that there are some places where Pokestops and Pokémon just shouldn’t be (i.e., Arlington and the Holocaust Museums).

I have fallen prey to this Pokémon phenomenon and now my work has caught this Pokémon craze, too. In case you want to celebrate a child’s birthday with a Pokémon-themed birthday invitation or announce your pregnancy using a Pokémon pregnancy announcement, here you go. Thanks, Nintendo.

Pokemon Pregnancy Announcement.jpg

pokemon party invitation.jpg


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A Storybook First Birthday

Here’s how we celebrated my daughter’s first birthday. We had a storybook-themed party. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


Here is our table setting. To the right are little honey jars. That was my favor for guests to take home. My cousin, Molly, made this pooh bear jar holder to store them in. She did a great job.



Our invitations were Little Golden Books themed and people seemed to really like them. I still sell these in my shop. If you’d like me to customize one for you ($10), click here to visit this product in my Etsy Shop.

Little Golden Books Card.jpg

On the card, we asked guests to bring a children’s book instead of a card to help grow Aria’s library. I included a book plate that I created and stuck those little square ticky tape things on each corner, ready to be peeled and placed inside the book.


I placed books around the room as decorations. Don’t mind the Mcdonald’s cup in the picture below…


Our cake was in the shape of an opened book and I used some clip art to decorate it. You can purchase a Where The Wild Things Are clip art pack by clicking here.

First birthday cake storybook printables.jpg

Aria’s aunt paid for a professional photographer to take photos at the party. Since I’m usually the one doing the photographing, this was great because I’m actually in many of the photos (something that doesn’t happen often). It was great getting these pictures and I think having a photographer photograph your party is worth every penny.


Below are just a few more of the memories from our party. Hope you enjoyed this post.