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Free Minimalist Recipe Cards (Regularly $2.75)

Printable Minimal Recipe Card Template is made to keep all of your favorite recipes in the same place with these printable recipe cards. In an easily accessible PDF format, each card can be printed as many times as you would need. This recipe template is available in 2 different sizes according to your needs:

4 × 6″ and 5 × 7″

Click on the links below to access the 5×7 and 4×6 versions of this card.

Here they are in PDF format layed out (2 up) on an A4 and Letter sized Sheets:

A4 4×6

A4 5×7

Letter Size 4×6

Letter Size 5×7

Want these cards personalized? Visit my Etsy shop and send me a message to request a custom order.

5 x 7

4 x 6

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10 Ways to Say Thanks

There are so many people who come in and out of our lives. When it comes to thanking those who have helped us along the way, there are many ways. Although it’s good to thank those who have helped us, I think thanking the people who’ve helped our children is even more important. Here are ten ways to say thank you to a teacher or anyone.

  1. Say it with a gift card for a coffee. This is cheap and simple for any coffee, tea, or drink drinker! These printable teacher thank you gift card holders are easy to purchase ($3) and to print from home using a color printer.  You can purchase one here. Thanks a Latte gift card holder
  2. A simple phone call. Although a thank you card is nice, sometimes just a quick call to that special person is all you need to do. Calls are more personal than thank you cards and it will give you a chance to show meaning in your voice.
  3. If you’re thanking someone who’s helped a lot of kids – like a teacher or girl scout troop leader – there are lots of fun ways to thank them. Put together a booklet with all the kids pictures and little notes. This is where you can get crafty and get all of the other moms and dads to help.
  4. I love this guest blog and its list of funny ways to say thank you. Check it out.
  5. Do something in return. Talk to that person’s friends and family. What do they need? See if it’s something you can do even if it’s just running an errand.
  6. Use social media. Facebook, Google+, twitter, any of them work. This will give a very public shout out to that person. Sometimes people like the public recognition.
  7. Bake a thanks. Make cookies, candies, cake. Or, do what I would do and buy something sweet. Nothing says thanks like homemade cookies.
  8. Send flowers. This may be very traditional and a bit formal, but it would do the job.
  9. Send an edible arrangement. I’ve never gotten one of these, but have always wanted one.
  10. Just in case that wasn’t enough, here are twenty more creative ways to say thank you.


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Unique Gifts for Pet Lovers

I’ve always loved vintage photographs and ephemera. I’ve made several of these as gifts for friends and family in the past and so I decided to start selling them in my Etsy Shop. You can purchase one here. Each one is different and customized using your pet. I needed to enlist the help of my friends via my Facebook page in order to get some examples going. These things may be silly but they sure make cute, unique gifts for pet lovers. Right now and until the end of June, you can get 50% off any order in my Shop. Just use the code SOCIAL50 at checkout until June 30th.


Cat Paiting portraitDog-portraitLizard-PrintThe-Graduate


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Pet Prints

These are so fun to make. In my Etsy Shop, you can purchase one of these and I’ll include your pet(s) photo and select a vintage painting to put them into. The result is a gift unlike anything you’re friend or family will receive. Everyone I’ve ever made these for has loved them. After all, our pets have personality, too! Why not give them a little style? Click here to purchase yours now.

Vintage Cat Painting.jpg

I needed a bunch of samples to work with. I posted on my Facebook page requesting pet images to work with. So thanks to all of them for the below sample work.


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A Mother’s Day Owl

My business name is Painted Owl Designs. So I suppose it’s pretty obvious I love owls. This one reads “Owl Always Love You.” Here’s what I made for my mother last year for mother’s day.  I think I just used a sharpie. Yet another reason to love sharpies!


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Tardis Transformation

This gift was made for my cousin, Jacob. It’s a Tardis watch holder. In case you don’t know what a Tardis is, it’s the spaceship that Dr. Who sets rides in to go everywhere in space and time. I purchased this phone booth long ago and transformed it into a gift for a Dr. Who lover.

Here is the before:

telephone booth

And here is the after:

Tardis Gift for Grad

Congratulations, Jacob! I love you!

jacob graduates.jpg