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20 Quotes to Announce Pregnancy

pregnancy announcement card

There are lots of ways to announce that you’re pregnant. Here are a few pregnancy announcement wording examples. View all my pregnancy announcements here.

  1. New Year. New Baby. With baby’s due date and signature line.

  2. Double the Trouble, Twice the Fun! Dad’s Name has just knocked me up with two and not one!

  3. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Guess How Far Along We Are.

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  4. (Your Pet’s Name) has been keeping a secret! Guard dog duty begins (your due date).

    pregnancy announcement wording

  5. Starlight, Starbright. We’re expecting some sleepless nights! Find that card here.

  6. We’d like to announce to you, we’re due!

  7. Our dreams have come true! We’re due!

    pregnancy announcement wording

  8. (Husband’s name) is going to be a daddy and I’m pretty sure it’s mine.

  9. First comes love. Then comes marriage. In February we will be pushing a baby carriage.

  10. Here’s to hugs and laughter as we welcome (baby’s name) to our happily ever after.

    pregnancy announcement card

  11. Please welcome with love (insert ultrasound photo), Baby’s Name. Due (due date).

  12. We’ve waited quite a while to share our happy news. It looks like we’ll be shopping for some very tiny shoes.

    baby shoes card

  13. I’m getting a new best friend (with dog or pet’s photo).

  14. Baby makes three!

  15. For a police officer or firefighter – “Call dispatch! Baby _________ is coming (due date here).

  16. Joy and happinessĀ is near. Our baby will soon be here!

  17. We’ve waited so long to say, (baby’s name) is on his/her way!

  18. Shit just got real (with ultrasound photo).

  19. For Christmas – Santa’s not the only one coming to town (with ultrasound photo).

  20. For specific weeks, “We’re very merry. Baby’s name is the size of a blueberry!”

Here are some great pregnancy announcement examples on my Pinterest board.

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