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How to Find High Resolution Photos Online

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Finding high resolution photos on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines is simple. If you’re not using search terms and search tools, then it’s time to start.  First off, when you do a google search, you should always use this first trick:

  1. Using the * – Put a * after the word. For example, instead of searching “Cow” or “Cows”, search “Cow*”. What this does is expand your results, giving you both search results from the plural and singular cow searches. This works in everyday searching as well as image searching.

To find a high resolution photo on Google, use the SEARCH TOOLS box.  I’ve illustrated this below.

using google search tools

When you search for size, make sure you’re searching for something at least larger than 2MP (1600×1200). This will almost certainly help you find the search results you want.

Google has a nice relatively new feature that includes colors with searches. As you can see illustrated above, you can now pick which shades you want your results to come in.

The same goes for a Yahoo search, as you can see below.

yahoo image search

It’s not just the “size” search tool you should be using, utilize them all for the best results. As you can see in the yahoo picture above, you can search for only photos, graphics, GIFs, face photos, etc.

Usage rights also matters. With google and many other search engines, you can search to get only results with the usage rights you want. For example, searching only “commercial use okay” or “reuse with modification okay” searches.

So, the internet is not just full of low resolution photos. If you know how to find them, you can find almost anything you’re looking for.

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